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    What Is The 3rd Dimension?


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    What Is The 3rd Dimension? Empty What Is The 3rd Dimension?

    Post  Admin on Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:41 pm

    While the earth Herself has moved into the fourth dimension human beings are still adjusting to this new energy shift; therefore, most of us still experience what is known as the 3rd dimension. This is a very dense, material existence. Our ability to create is very slow and cumbersome. The third dimension encompasses the reality of time and space. This means that for every cause the effect is not instantaneous. Because our current reality is so dense, we require a telephone to communicate or an airplane to fly. The 3rd dimension is imbued with a sense of separation and abandonment from our Source Energy or God. Because of this, an all-encompassing feeling of fear permeates our reality. Since the 3rd dimension is also characterized by duality, our love must always be accompanied by its opposite, fear. Our fear is what prevents us from being able to create whatever we want in our holograms. The birthing process is helping us move beyond our ego based fears and into the 5th dimension where there is no duality and therefore only love permeates our world.
    The 3rd dimension also has a strong belief pattern that we are all victims and that we are powerless to change the illusion or hologram of our reality. The 3rd dimension is merely a dream, a game actually that we created. We designed the 3D hologram because it would pose a most interesting challenge to function within such a limited reality. Before we entered into this world of density, we were so use to just snapping our fingers and anything we wanted would just appear.

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