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    Sexual Energy used for co-creation and manifesting


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    Sexual Energy used for co-creation and manifesting Empty Sexual Energy used for co-creation and manifesting

    Post  Admin on Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:13 am

    "'Making love--completely connecting with another soul in co-creation--is an extraordinary gift. It is a repetition of the act of creation on cosmic levels. Mostly, humans use their sexual energy only at the lower center for sensual satisfaction--squandering both their seed and energy with no thought to the expense it's costing them.... It's not that sexual relations are in some way wrong. It's just that people participate in sexual practice more as a habit than as a conscious intent to join with another soul. It's the habitual release of undirected energy that's squandered. In consciously directing that energy to some constructive end, it, of course, follows the great circle of life, returning to us magnified. That's why the Law of True Love is one of giving.

    'We can use that incredible energy an build it within our own force fields and draw upon it to perform seeming miracles if we desire. We can send that power out with direction from Divine Love and Wisdom to heal and prosper all mankind.... [or it could] be in the form of a child, an idea, a work of art, inspiration, or a successful endeavor.

    'We can raise energy to any of our chakra centers for any purpose by consciously holding the creative thought while we make love. It's the joining together of the complimentary forces of creation with conscious intent. The same act of creation exists throughout the universe. As above, so below.'"

    Source: From the book about twin flame unions "The Teaching of Little Crow" by Angelina Heart. pg 327-328.

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