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    If the New World is all about love, where is the danger?


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    If the New World is all about love, where is the danger?

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:17 pm

    "I think romantic relationship and family unions in the New World will be very different. I’m not against the idea of romantic love — it’s a beautiful form of love — but I do think the consequent idea of romantic relationship and the institution of marriage are abused badly.
    Think for a moment. If the New World operates on the foundation of love:
    Do you need someone to assure your worthiness by being with you?
    Of course you don’t. You already love yourself as you are.
    Do you need someone to promise to be with you for the rest of your life?
    You don’t need to force love and security in such a way. Relationship is best when it is based on free will, at any given time. And forced love is not love, whether it is forced by yourself or by others.
    Do you need to form a secure haven called family?
    If the outside world is a savage cruel place, it makes sense to build a safe small haven, and this has been one of the major function of family. But if the New World is all about love, where is the danger?
    So what is the role of romantic relationship and marriage in the New World? While we operate on the big love, it’s also good to form close connections so that we can get to know each other better and we can share ourselves readily. Romantic relationships can be one of those relationships, along with others like friendships.
    We’ll loosen up a big time in forming and maintaining romantic relationships. You may have just one partner or multiple of them at any given time in your life. Your living arrangement can be flexible, too, beyond the traditional form of living with your family. If you enjoy being close to others, you may choose to live in something like a co-op that is formed on the basis of shared interest (say, similar eating or exercise habits, or artist co-op that shares studio space, etc). If you like traveling, you can do so. Or you may like solitary living arrangement. Whatever you choose, you are accepted and loved."

    source: http://reallifespirituality.com/love/

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