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    No more hidden agendas for having sex.


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    No more hidden agendas for having sex. Empty No more hidden agendas for having sex.

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:20 pm

    "Romantic relationship and marriage are considered to be the only “correct” forms of sexual relationship at this time. So when we loosen up our idea of relationship, what happens? Do we become promiscuous?
    First, it’s important to realize that your sexuality is yours. It’s not your partner’s nor of some authority in government or religion. You decide the when, with whom, how. This is especially important for women. Do not let the conventional “you are either a madonna or a whore” idea limit you.
    Next let’s admit we get into the act for many reasons other than love and pleasure. Have you had sex with hidden agenda like:
    To prove you are (attractive, strong, worthy of attention, etc.)?
    To control your partner (to keep them to you, to get them do something, etc.)?
    To distract yourself (from boredom, loneliness, frustration at work, etc.)?
    All these conditions will be worked out when we operate on the foundation of love. So sex with hidden agenda will go away.
    Contrary to the promiscuous sex-overloaded society that some people may have thought when I said “New World based on love”, I think we may have a lot less sex in the New World. When you realize you are free to choose the type of sexual relationship, and you don’t need to bring in hidden agenda — when you choose to have sex just because you feel like it or to share some fun and pleasure with your partner — I think the demand would naturally decrease. Of course, it’s also quite fine if you are into providing joy big time."

    source: http://reallifespirituality.com/love/

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