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    Building Construction Changes using Anti-gravity technology


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    Building Construction Changes using Anti-gravity technology

    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:47 pm

    "Think about the fact that if you have anti-gravity capabilities, building materials can be moved into place just like the pyramids were built. You can have buildings that are made out of whatever materials are least harmful to the earth. Technologies would exist so that many of the chemicals that are used now won't be necessary. Heating and cooling, since the energy is free, would not require structures that are chemically toxic and sealed up in unhealthy ways....

    "everything that needs power will have a free energy source within it. There will be no need to have wiring in a house; everything will be wireless.

    "Thus, the cost and complexity of building will be greatly reduced. Construction will be simpler, cleaner, and more natural -- less expensive, and more beautiful."

    Source: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer M.D., page 300.

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