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    Tel Aviv brings Jewish and Arab Israelis together to talk


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    Tel Aviv brings Jewish and Arab Israelis together to talk Empty Tel Aviv brings Jewish and Arab Israelis together to talk

    Post  Admin on Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:33 pm

    Source: Aug.28-Sept. 4 issue of The Week magazine, page 34.

    "Tel Aviv has 'grown from nothing to a sophisticated metropolis'....

    "Not only is Tel Aviv Israel's cultural capital, it has also become known as its 'most easygoing' city. Tel Aviv stands as the 'world's first Hebrew city since the Jews' Roman exile' and remains the center of modern Israeli culture, yet it is 'extremely internationally minded.' You won't find another city in Israel with a more 'tolerant mentality' or a more 'hedonistic lifestyle.' On the Tayelet--the waterfront promenade built atop an ancient port--'the cool sea breeze carries conversations in Hebrew and Russian, Amharic and English.' Most of the city's residents see their home as a melting pot, 'a place where cultures meet and evolve.'

    "...Less than 40 miles inland, Israelis and Palestinians carry on bitter battles. But in Jaffa, the Arab village that birthed Tel Aviv and is now a suburb of the city, a thriving artists' quarter bustles with shops selling books in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Watering holes like Yafa Cafe--'a tiny place with a big mission: to bring Jewish and Arab Israelis together to talk'--make you think, for a moment, that Tel Aviv could be a model for the rest of Israel. 'If the modern Hebrew city can enjoy a balanced relationship with an ancient Arab port, then perhaps Jews and Arabs can find a model for living in peace in the much contested land.'"

    Contact: Tel-aviv.gov.il/English

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