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    Plants, Animals, and Humans shift into a consciousness of Ab


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    Plants, Animals, and Humans shift into a consciousness of Abundance

    Post  Admin on Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:09 pm

    I was out working in my veggie garden today. I have this barricade set up to keep the rabbits and the dog out and then I put some kind of organic slug repellent down. I thought about how this scenario would be different in the New World. We are currently in a competitive based consciousness where we feel like we are at war with nature. We must kill or be killed. As benign as I consider myself I am after all killing those slugs so that I may survive and eat from my garden.

    In the New World the consciousness of the animals and plants shifts with ours. We are in direct communication and understanding with each other and there is abundance for all. We can simply ask the slugs or other pests to simply leave our garden alone. No One needs to die in order that another might live. In that case, I suppose that the plants won't be eaten either? More food for thought. Pun intended Wink

    This New World view takes the concept of an organic farm to a whole new level.

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