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    No more toiling in the fields


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    No more toiling in the fields Empty No more toiling in the fields

    Post  Admin on Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:12 pm

    In Daniel Quinn's book, "Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit," he talks about the Taker and the Leaver cultures. The Taker cultures invented agriculture so they could stay in one place. The Leaver cultures on the other hand just moved from one place to the next picking fruit from the trees requiring no hard and difficult labor from them. In the New World, our cities are levitating and so we can move easily from place to place wherever Mother Gaia has provided us with her sustenance. If a late frost nips out the harvest in that area, we just move to where the weather was sufficiently balanced to produce the food ready for us to just simply harvest it. No more planting, cultivating, animal domesticating required.

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    No more toiling in the fields Empty The World is a Place of Abundance

    Post  Admin on Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:53 am

    “The Real People tribe never go without food. Always, the universe responds to their mind-talk. They believe the world is a place of abundance. Just as you and I might gather to listen to someone play the piano, and honor that talent and purpose, they sincerely do the same thing with everything in nature. When a snake appeared on our path, it was obviously there to provide dinner. The daily food was a very important part of our evening celebration. I learned that the appearance of food was not taken for granted. It was first requested, always expected to appear, and did appear, but was gratefully received and genuine gratitude was always given….
    “The tribe carried no provisions. They planted no crops; they participated in no harvest. They walked the blazing Australian Outback, knowing each day they would receive bountiful blessings of the universe. The universe never disappointed them.
    Pg 52
    “They could locate a plant ready to harvest without pulling it out of the ground. They would move their hands over the plants and comment: “This one is growing, but not ready yet,” or “Yes, this one is prepared to give birth….” They explained it as the natural dowsing ability given to all humans. …dowse by asking plants if they were ready to be honored for their purpose of being….
    “It was very important that we never used an entire bed of any plant. Enough was always left for new growth. The tribal people are amazingly aware of what they called the song or unvoiced sounds of the soil. They can sense input from the environment, do something unique in decoding it, and then consciously act, almost as if they had developed some tiny celestial receiver that universal messages came through.”
    Pg 54-55

    It should also be noted that the Aborigines said that they did not like eating things with eyes. They were forced into this way of eating when the white man moved them to the Outback. They're natural habitat was the lush vegetation of the coastal regions where they picked berries, nuts, and other plants to eat.

    Source: Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. The book describes her experiences with a remote tribe of nomadic Aboriginals. They share with her the wisdom of their 50,000-year-old culture which has been completely unchanged by the white people who came to Australia.

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    No more toiling in the fields Empty Real People Tribe

    Post  captainuniverse on Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:34 am

    Western Washington has THE BEST wild blackberries anywhere, and they are everywhere. Gathering your own food is such an essential connection to the Creator. The bounty amazes me!

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