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    Assertive communication without ego involved


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    Assertive communication without ego involved

    Post  Admin on Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:26 pm

    When you're 3-years-old, you are your most assertive true Self. You mean what you say and you express observations about others with no judgement just matter-of-factly. At this point your wants and feelings haven't been suppressed by others. Will adults in the New World communicate more like a 3-year-old?

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    Re: Assertive communication without ego involved

    Post  captainuniverse on Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:36 am

    This would be a BIG move in the right direction. As we move out of this stage of life that you describe, we become further from the creator, we loose our organic innocence. So when my mom is telling me I am acting like a 3 year old, I will take that as a compliment! CU

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