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    Tapping Into The Masters Knowledge


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    Tapping Into The Masters Knowledge Empty Tapping Into The Masters Knowledge

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:26 pm

    An excerpt from a spiritual fiction called "The Teaching of Little Crow" by Angelina Heart. Pages 334-335.

    Nik placed the guitar between them and became very tranquil and quiet... [sinking] into a deep form of meditation or prayer.... With eyes still closed, she reached between them and drew the guitar to her, holding it like an expert musician. Her fingers pressed, plucked, and strummed an entire concerto of classical origin with absolute mathematical precision, impressed with all the passion of the composer....
    "'I thought ye said ye couldn't play!'
    "'I can't. Of myself, I've had no training and possess none of the knowledge necessary to perform the piece played for you. I just connected through my Mighty I AM Presence and Universal Consciousness with a musical master and asked him to perform the piece through my brain and hands....In God consciousness all things are possible, Dylan. I used this as an example to show you the unlimited nature of our beings, to demonstrate our connection to the whole. It wasn't necessary for me to reinvent the wheel--only to connect to another part of the whole that possessed the knowledge, training, and talent to bring something into this domain. It doesn't preclude me from personally learning and sharing anything I desire with the whole....'"

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