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    Electro Magnetic and Earth's Powers


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    Electro Magnetic and Earth's Powers Empty Electro Magnetic and Earth's Powers

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:58 am

    From the "You Are God Also" workshop in Nassau, The Bahamas. "The Tobias Materials: Atlantis Rising" Disk II: Tobias Channel - May 15, 2004.

    Sometimes it's helpful to know what was possible in Atlantis to know what is possible in the New World.

    "Back in the days the primary days of Atlantis there was no technology that you know now in your modern day society.... There was no electrical power as you know it, but there were powers that were harnessed from the sun and there was a very deep and profound understanding of electro magnetic powers and the earth's magnetic powers. These were used by society to help make tasks and mundane chores easier, but other than that it was not felt there was a need for great inventions or technological developments."

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