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    Familial Communes


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    Familial Communes Empty Familial Communes

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:33 am

    From the "You Are God Also" workshop in Nassau, The Bahamas. "The Tobias Materials: Atlantis Rising" Disk II: Tobias Channel - May 15, 2004.

    Sometimes it's helpful to know what was possible in Atlantis to know what is possible in the New World.

    "Back in the days the primary days of Atlantis there was no technology that you know now in your modern day society....

    "Within each of the communities there were also individual what you would now call communes. There were families that would work together, live together, and share together. The children would be raised within this commune. Yes indeed some of the current energies of these were taken by the current Hebrew societies and what is called the Kubutz, but even the Kubutzes of today do not have a wonderful warm family energy of the type of family communes that we had back in Atlantis. There were wonderful days here. Healthy days. Days of learning, sharing and playing."

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