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    Orgasms All The Time


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    Orgasms All The Time Empty Orgasms All The Time

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:13 am

    "In a perfect world people would laugh at pornography because everybody would be getting so much love, and so many hugs, and so many climaxes and orgasms that to even think of watching it would be kind of silly or redundant."

    Transcribed from a discussion on sex from the movie "1Giant Leap." See www.1giantleap.com

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    Orgasms All The Time Empty Energetic Orgasms

    Post  uomouniversale on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:30 am

    I am on an interesting journey towards understanding a new shift in my own orgasms in that they are now occurring frequently as energetic, which is a tremendous shift from the "normal" physical orgasm. This new energetic orgasm does not include the physical component of ejaculation, and is pleasurable in quite a different way. The amazing aspect about this is I have no idea how it started happening, other than my own commitment to inner work and personal growth. I am now in a relationship that supports this type of experimentation with a partner just as fascinated with this interesting new type of orgasm, which seems to actually energize my body instead of the typical draining of energy I usually experience with a physical orgasm, as am I. As I am in a committed monogamous relationship, it works as a wonderful form of contraception, and has the added bonus in the aspect that it can happen multiple times in succession, and for varying lengths of time. I am still just scratching the tip of the iceberg with this new form of orgasm. To be continued....

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