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    Walking Hundreds of Miles With Very Little Physical Exertion


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    Walking Hundreds of Miles With Very Little Physical Exertion

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:12 pm

    From the "You Are God Also" workshop in Nassau, The Bahamas. "The Tobias Materials: Atlantis Rising" Disk II: Tobias Channel - May 15, 2004.

    Sometimes it's helpful to know what was possible in Atlantis to know what is possible in the New World.

    "Back in the days the primary days of Atlantis there was no technology that you know now in your modern day society....

    ....No there were not any type of automotive vehicles like what you have today, but there was an understanding of how to move objects electromagnetically and many people found that they could be transported with these electromagnetic waves. There physical body could be moved without much effort at all. There was a system that was devised here where if you were going to go for a long journey by foot (it was not known to use animals back then) there was a way to tap into these electro magnetic energies that would require a minimal amount of physical exertion with a maximum amount of moving of energies. In other words, it would be like taking a walk that would last a mile, but yet you would literally travel 50 to 100 miles."

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    Re: Walking Hundreds of Miles With Very Little Physical Exertion

    Post  captainuniverse on Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:08 pm

    Think about it...

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