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    Our work week shrinks to 15-25 hours


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    Our work week shrinks to 15-25 hours Empty Our work week shrinks to 15-25 hours

    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:00 pm

    "Because of these advances technologically, the work week will shrink to between 15 and 25 hours, mostly out of choice, and the rest of people's time will be spent in the pursuit of creativity, recreation, learning, and other positive pursuits.

    "The economics of the transformative effect of these technologies will be such that there will be no need to work 40-60 hours a week; in fact, doing so would be socially harmful. People will then be able to discover their Dharma, their calling, for what they can contribute that is most consonant with their God-given skills and their innate capabilities and talent, as opposed to a survival level of subsistence out of necessity.

    "Thus, a civilization where people can pursue higher states of consciousness and enlightenment, will at last be possible."

    Source: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer M.D., page 298-299.

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