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    Golden Orbs or Halos permanently radiating out from our solar plexus


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    Golden Orbs or Halos permanently radiating out from our solar plexus Empty Golden Orbs or Halos permanently radiating out from our solar plexus

    Post  Admin on Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:08 pm

    Knowing what was possible before is helpful for envisioning what is possible in the New World.

    "Around 12,000 years ago the individual bodies of man and woman were permanently surrounded by a magnificent, golden orb or halo. Radiating out from the solar plexus, it extended visibly above the head, into the ground and beyond the reach of the outstretched arms. The woman's orb was a slightly deeper gold than the man's. But both had the same dazzling, sublime and beauteous quality.

    Women was pure love; the serene, passive pole of human spiritual love on earth. Man, the active and positive pole, was also love but not pure love in the same sense. His love was a pure authority; the masculine principle which was the guardian of love or woman on earth. He of his love was responsible for maintaining the golden divine quality of love between man and woman. The brilliance of their orbs or halos at any time reflected the intensity and purity of that love.

    Their physical lovemaking was ecstatic. The divine energy generated was so powerful that after making love their radiant bodies or halos blazed with incredible splendour. This self-luminous radiance of spirit or love created in each by physical union was the manifestation of their godhead on earth. For man and woman at the beginning of time were gods, and they sustained the awareness and presence of their godhead, their timelessness, by making divine physical love.

    The halo, the golden energy, was their means of communication, whether together or apart. Its range went far beyond the visible outline, and through it each was in constant undisturbed touch with the other, in silence and stillness, in mutual consciousness of pure love--God.

    When either halo needed new energy, man and woman would draw together and make love, make God. As the only two conscious physical poles of love on earth they would illuminate and energise themelves. He would regenerate her love, while she would restore his love and authority."

    Source: Making Love: Sexual Love The Divine Way by Barry Long, pages 12-13.

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    Golden Orbs or Halos permanently radiating out from our solar plexus Empty Re: Golden Orbs or Halos permanently radiating out from our solar plexus

    Post  captainuniverse on Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:04 am


    Great post, and fantastic web site! I am especially grateful for your post of the "orgasmic birthing"-it is an amazing demonstration of moving from pain and unease to sublime bliss.

    I believe that this kind of deep love starts with people doing what they love here on Earth, and having it manifest in their daily actions and being. Men need to be men as per your posted description, and be able to be examples of the indisputable "authority of love". My experience is- man NEEDS woman to complete this devine circuit and connection to all that is-big and small, inner and outer...most men have it quite wrong, and peruse gain in this material world that does not lead to this most important aspect of being.

    Personally, I think this holy grail of being is much simpler to achieve than most think. There is a link on my www.N1MAA.com site of Rual Midone performing "State of Mind" on the Letterman Show...it invites us, among other things, to "grab a little Heaven right here on Earth" Praxis is the way of love in our everyday lives. Although it is not easy to do, and involves risk, it is very possible to live in the love you describe. It starts within each of us doing what we love in our everyday lives...Namaste. JR

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