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    Is commitment necessary in romantic love?


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    Is commitment necessary in romantic love?

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:11 pm

    "I’ve heard people say something like, “I’ve decided to love him / her for life.” That is wonderful, and I respect the sense of responsibility this person exhibits. I assume this means the person is committed to their partner in the same way they are committed to their own lives.
    I, Akemi, is bound in my physical body and to my physical history. Whether I like it or not, I’m committed to follow through until it’s time for me to go. I — my body, my thoughts, my emotions and spiritual beliefs, along with all my external situations and conditions — change with time, but I will follow through. This is what I mean by “committed to one’s own life”.
    If your commitment to your partner is this much, I really think it’s great. One lifetime’s uncertainty is quite a bit to take, and you are willing to take another’s in addition to your own. Honestly, I’ve never felt good to take this much of responsibilities. I want my lovers to be on their own and be happy with or without me. For me, this is love.
    So I don’t think commitment is a necessary ingredients in romantic love. I also don’t think shared time and experiences are necessary part of romantic love. It’s a good part of relationship, but not romantic love. Dante saw Beatrice only twice."

    Source: http://reallifespirituality.com/index.php?s=Creating+The+New+World%2C+Part+2

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