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    The Ministry of New Spirituality


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    The Ministry of New Spirituality Empty The Ministry of New Spirituality

    Post  Admin on Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:30 pm

    Source: The Divine Plan: Beyond 2012 by Caroline Cory pages 163-164.

    "The Ministry of New Spirituality strives to solidify, through spiritual beliefs, the ties between all humans. While it does not interfere with the way in which each individual or each society practices such beliefs, this ministry does profess allegiance to common universal and spiritual laws that respect Earth's citizens within a larger galactic and universal structure.... The Ministry of New Spirituality is no longer like Earth's current organized religious systems, which hold traditions based on the worship of one invisible and unattainable God. Rather, the new spirituality becomes a unique creative endeavor of the Mind and Spirit combined with an exquisite understanding of new mathematics, divine geometry and cosmology. This ministry allows and sustains such beliefs and expression in a diversified yet unified manner, bringing the world together towards spiritual and mind-al expansion of consciousness and race evolution."

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