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    Teaching the ABCs from age 2 on?


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    Teaching the ABCs from age 2 on? Empty Teaching the ABCs from age 2 on?

    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:23 pm

    Long ago before the invention of the written word, human beings lived in their right brains. Language and writing is what introduced the left brain dominance that exists today. It starts by taking a child who is dominated by the right brain and immediately indoctrinating them into the left brain world of written language. This is all done supposedly because parents want their children to be bright and get a head start in school. The child's entire livelihood depends on it. In the New World, our left and right brains are now balanced. Education into the world of handwriting and their ABCs is put off until a much later age. There's no rush to develop these skills because survival via livelihood is a non-issue and because we live so much longer children can enter into a structured learning environment when they feel comfortable and ready.

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