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    Earth will be a globe of villages


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    Earth will be a globe of villages Empty Earth will be a globe of villages

    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:12 pm

    "The era of big urban-suburban areas will be over. Earth will be a globe of villages.


    "Because if you can go from Phoenix to Paris in three or four minutes, there will be no need to aggregate in these very dense, sprawling cities. Some people will choose to live in larger communities, but there will be no economic necessity for huge metropolises. Transport will be rapid, above ground and efficient, using ARV [Alien Reproduction Vehicle] technologies.

    "Such travel above ground with anti-gravity systems will allow for the most remote places on earth to be fully inhabitable, with little environmental impact....

    "When you look at the ancient peoples, you see they lived together closely in villages, preserving the surrounding land for agriculture, recreation or just being natural. Humans, being social animals, will choose to live in such villages in the future, in a way that is high-tech self-sufficient....

    "Psychologically, people are happier if they are living in a more intensive village setting, with neighbors and friends and the ability to walk or bike to commercial and social venues."

    Source: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer M.D., pages 299-300.

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